Thursday, 18 March 2010

I found several photographers relating to plant/floral photography on the AOP website ( I was inspired by many of the image makers on the site, particularly Derek St. Romaine - here is a link to his work;
This weeks images are all about colour. The only meaning they have is to show the beauty of the natural environment. Some of these images were taken in the evening, whereas others were taken in the night time. I am pleased with the way these photographs have turned out as I have never really concentrated on taken close up shots of flowers. I like how all of the images only use 3 colours but anymore and the images would be too overpowing, any less and the images wouldn't be as bright and bold as it is.To take this weeks work further I could take a macro lens out and try to use that.
I really like the drip on the tip of the flower. This image is not as bold as the ones below it but again colour plays an important part in this image. I don't think any of this weeks images would look as good in black and white.
This image was taken late at night using a flash on my camera, the deep colour of the flower is made even bolder by the really shallow depth of field making the background black. This image looks like the background has been edited in photoshop, but it hasn't.

I am pleased with the colours in this image. It contrasts with the deep orange colour of the berries and the green leaves. This image is simialr to one I used in the "Express Yourself" project, but I was so pleased how it turned out I decided to retake it for this project.
All of the other floral images on this page are lively and still in bloom. However, the above image shows a dead flower. I find this image as beautiful as the others.

This photo was taken on my Digitial SLR camera. It is a flower from my garden. I like how the two colours are very vibrant and contrast well together. The reason I have taken these images is because I found them aesthetically pleasing and they are interesting to look at.